AEBFASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Energy Business Forum
AEBFAsia Europe Business Forum
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Impact : Increased capacity of staff of Asian EBs and ECAs, and other participants of the AEBF including government agencies from ADB's DMCs for business practices in different areas including corporate governance, environmental sustainability, risk management, regional cooperation and integration, and public-private partnerships.
Larkins noted that AEBF clients will have access to KEF's wide range of products and services, a team of industry-leading leasing experts, and more than 20 years of experience customizing vendor finance programs.
Other operating expenses decreased 10 percent as the net gain on the AEBF leasing sale was partially offset by the previously mentioned restructuring charges.
We are proud to welcome the leasing professionals at AEBF into the Key family and look forward to working with them to provide best-in- class products and business equipment financing solutions to businesses of many types and sizes.