AEBIGAsociación Española de Biogás (Spain: Spanish Association of Biogas; est. 2009)
AEBIGAslib Economics and Business Information Group (UK)
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forbearance of her law partners, Sheena Aebig virtually gave up her law
As we drive around the narrow streets between the camps, we see scores of people queuing up at various spots to buy liquor u near the Labour Power Supermarket, behind a row of buses on a sandy patch and on a large expanse of land which the workers fondly call the aebig ground'.
While Kobe's push for ring number 5-1 behind Michael Jordan- will surely dominate headlines, the Celtics believe their tenacious defence will be a deciding factor once again, and with its ageing aeBig 3' u Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen u are keen to make the most of every opportunity they get at winning another championship.
[28]Sepkovic D, Axelrad CM, Colosimo S, Aebig K, et al: A comparison of portable clinical analyzers for use in cholesterol screenings.
Much has been made of the aeBig Four's' failure to make the showpiece after recent years of success, but on reflection their downfall has come as no great surprise to those watching the Premiership week in week out.