AEBMAustralian Equine Barefoot Movement (hoof care)
AEBMAgricultural Economics and Business Management (Imperial College London; UK)
AEBMAssociate, Examining Board for Music
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The parcel centroid thus became the proxy for the building, since AEBM operates on a point as the unit of analysis.
In addition to the parcel centroid, the following attributes were required by AEBM to compute loss: name, building profile, building and content value (in dollars), daytime and nighttime occupancy, and building area.
Numerous methods were tested to overcome the challenge of creating a map which corresponded with custom building inventory in the AEBM.
In HAZUSMH MR3, buildings imported via the bulk loading facility of AEBM were subject to a defect which resulted in lost precision of the latitude and longitude numerical data types, effectively moving a home down the block, such that different hazard values skewed the resulting loss estimates.
There are a number advantages and disadvantages with regard to parcel-level earthquake loss estimation studies using the AEBM component of HAZUS-MH.
The automated approach using EqBCAR software was preferred over HAZUS AEBM (see software considerations below) for the analysis.