AEBP1Adipocyte Enhancer-Binding Protein 1
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12] cell adhesion 19 AEBP1, EGFL6, NRXN3, BYSL, 6,73 x ITGA2, POSTN, COL16A1, COL5A1, [10.
8,178,662 "Isolated AEBP1 Genomic Polynucleotide Fragments from Chromosome 7 and their Uses" claims a genomic region encoding protein AEBP1 that is thought to play a role in differentiated vascular smooth muscle cells, in inflammation, obesity, cancer and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Patent and Trademark Office, claims isolated genomic polynucleotide fragments that encode human adipocyte enhancer binding protein 1 (AEBP1), complementary polynucleotides, vectors and host cells containing these fragments and a method for obtaining AEBP1.