AECCAccounting Education Change Commission
AECCAssociation for Emissions Control by Catalyst
AECCAmerican Express Corporate Card (program)
AECCAeromedical Evacuation Control Center
AECCAeromedical Evacuation Coordination Center
AECCAerojet Energy Conversion Company
AECCAmerican Evangelical Christian Church, Inc.
AECCAutomated Entry Control Card
AECCAnalog Error-Correcting Code
AECCActiva Emirates Cricket Club (United Arab Emirates)
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AECC has total debt outstanding, including its rural utility services loan obligations, of $525 million.
AECC is a generation and transmission electric cooperative that provides reliable and affordable wholesale power to 17 electric distribution cooperatives, including Aerojet Rocketdyne s utility service provider, OECC.
We've done business the same way since before I've started here: That is, we own the generation, and we use that generation to serve our load," said Keith Sugg, vice president of integration at AECC.
With this agreement which is for a one year period and renewable by tacit agreement, Repsol and AECC reaffirm their commitment to work together on the prevention, information and public awareness of cancer, as well as the improvement of the quality of life of those affected by this disease.
15 SAT THE WANTED AECC Boyband The Wanted return to Aberdeen.
AECC has experienced a sharp decline in its operating ratios in fiscal years 2004 and 2005.
Sugg said the gantlet of challenges AECC is facing in the transition can be narrowed to three categories: training, upgrading and strategizing.
Net@Work's integrated solutions approach will enable AECC clients to realize extensive service and product improvements.
The deal with Origin Wind Farm situated in Carter and Murray counties in southeast Oklahoma will improve the Arkansas cooperative s long-term commitment to Duane Highley, president and CEO of AECC said, generation diversity.
The lads stop off at Aberdeen's AECC next Saturday and The SSE Hydro, Glasgow next Sunday.
AECC generates and supplies energy for the state's 17 regional cooperatives, using coal, gas and hydropower as fuel.
SIMPLE MINDS December 12, Aberdeen AECC The last time the Scottish rockers performed in Aberdeen, it was 1991.