AECEAeromedical Evacuation Control Element
AECEAssociation of Early Childhood Educators
AECEAssociation of Engineering Construction Employers (est. 1985; Sacramento, CA)
AECEAssociated Early Care and Education (Jamaica; daycare)
AECEAcoustic Echo Controller Equipment
AECEAcoustic Echo Control Equipment
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El perfil del usuario entrevistado era muy similar al del perfil medio del usuario de Internet que reflejan los principales estudios sobre el uso de Internet realizados en nuestro pais (AECE, 2005; AIMC, 2006).
Concretamente, los datos proceden del estudio CICERON-AECE B2B realizado por la Asociacion Espanola de Comercio Electronico (AECE, 2003) que, en la actualidad, es la informacion mas completa de que se dispone sobre este colectivo.
The AECE organizes frequent congresses, forums, and the like for Spanish companies to keep up with EC development.
The success of distance selling largely depends on the characteristics of the offer, with one of the most valued aspects for the customer being the opportunity to purchase new, exclusive products (AECE, 2004; Cuesta, 1997; Peterson, 1995; Trocchia y Janda, 2003).
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- In May 2015 more than 1,800 people from Myanmar and Bangladesh arrived by boat in Aceh, Indonesia.
Asi, los ultimos datos disponibles reflejan crecimientos espectaculares en el volumen de negocio a traves de la red, tanto en las relaciones de caracter comercial (AECE, 2003), como en las iniciativas de Gobierno Electronico (Guinaliu, 2003).
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- Indonesian authorities finally allowed 582 Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar who have stranded in a ship in the sea under very bad conditions since three months.
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- Indonesia's economy is projected to grow at slower pace at the first quarter as the weakening global economy saps demand of Indonesia's export products, but the government expects the economy to expand faster at the second quarter as more development budget will be spent.
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- One person was missing and 9 others were hurt in the volcano eruption of Mount Gamalama in Indonesia, an official said here Friday.
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- Kimse Yok Mu (Is Anybody There), one of the largest charity organizations in Turkey, distributed the meat of sacrificed animals to needy families in Aceh with the participation of Korean and Malay volunteers on Monday.
BANDA AEcE (CyHAN)- Indonesia's northernmost province of Aceh saw increasing violence during campaign period for parliamentary election scheduled on April 9, claiming lives of civilians.