AECFAnnie E. Casey Foundation (children's and family advocates; New Mexico)
AECFAfrica Enterprise Challenge Fund (private sector fund)
AECFAdvanced Electronics/Computer Field (US Navy)
AECFAtlanta Electronic Commerce Forum (Georgia)
AECFAmerican Egyptian Cooperation Foundation (New York, NY)
AECFAuditory Evoked Cortical Field
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To address the energy problem, Ndiege added that AECF has supported over 50 private sector companies to reach the market, with various off-grid power products and clean cooking solutions for poor families.
1), and then tested the possibility that the cytotoxicity of AECF caused cellular toxicity, resulting in Nrf2 activation.
1: EFDA, EFCB, BEDF, AECF are the empty convex 4-gons of this form.
Through an open and transparent "competition" for investment support in the form of grants and interest free loans, AECF seeks to promote risk taking and innovation amongst established businesses and encourage new and innovative business ideas that extend core activities in ways that create opportunities for the rural poor.
The AECF (2003) study also found that 72 percent of child welfare workers were female.
The goals during the AECF stay should include providing safe and effective PD and preventing infections.
Para recibir la donacion de la AECF, la NEWSED cambio algunas ofertas de su programa y la estructura de su consejo.
The AECF reveals the much-awaited guidelines for accepting new members into ASEM- some 20 countries have shown interest in joining ASEM since its inception four years ago, but lack of membership guidelines have delayed their entry.
The AECF 2000 will also feature various projects related to information technology (IT), such as schemes aimed at narrowing the ''digital divide'' -- the gap between IT haves and have-nots -- and promoting global e-commerce.
Janice manages its work in family development and reform of frontline human services; Bob manages the AECF Jobs Initiative and economic development issues.
This year we have seen a 10 per cent growth in floor space over the 2013 edition, and attendance is expected to grow by 15 per cent," said Khurram Saeed, Director of AECF.