AECFAnnie E. Casey Foundation (children's and family advocates; New Mexico)
AECFAfrica Enterprise Challenge Fund (private sector fund)
AECFAdvanced Electronics/Computer Field (US Navy)
AECFAtlanta Electronic Commerce Forum (Georgia)
AECFAmerican Egyptian Cooperation Foundation (New York, NY)
AECFAuditory Evoked Cortical Field
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AECF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Daniel Ohande made the disclosure at the second round launch of the AECF REACT Household Solar competition in Abuja.
(2) An allocation optimization algorithm based on the AECF is formulated that can reduce the thrust energy consumption and improve control resolution.
Casey y, por ejemplo, el documento normativo sobre "Rightsizing Collective Care" (2010) y la investigacion recientemente comisionada por la AECF sobre el cuidado colectivo en Estados Unidos, llevado a cabo por Wulczyn, Alpert, Martinez y Weiss (2015) en el Chapin Hall Center for Children de la Universidad de Chicago.
The aqua extract of Carthami Flos (AECF) was filtered on membrane filters with a pore size 0.20 mm (Millipore) and the injection volume was 3 [micro]l As shown in Fig.
U(2,2) of configuration 6.1: EFDA, EFCB, BEDF, AECF are the empty convex 4-gons of this form.
One example of how we do this is our support to the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF), which encourages companies in the private sector to compete for investment in new and innovative business ideas within agribusiness, renewable energy and climate change technologies.
The Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF), which provides investment support to businesses who wish to implement innovative, commercial viable, high impact projects in Africa, has opened three new competitions covering renewable energy and adaptation to climate change in East Africa, agribusiness across the whole of Africa, and a window specifically focusing on South Sudan, covering agri-business and related services.
Data for the children's health outcomes were obtained from AECF's 2007 KID COUNT report.
The venture has received a $1.5m grant from the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF) to help fund its launch.
In recent years, policymakers and scholars have attempted to study child welfare workers and their work on a larger scale (AECF, 2003; GAO, 2003).A few of these efforts have been aimed at testing education and training interventions that may strengthen the child welfare workforce (for example, Fox, Miller, & Barbee, 2003).
Since the current United States PD population is approximately only 25,000 (United States Renal Data System [USRDS], 2007), this can result in minimal exposure to patients on PD for acute/extended care facility (AECF) nurses who work in these settings.