AECGAboriginal Education Consultative Group, Inc (Australia)
AECGAmbulatory Electrocardiogram
AECGAlan Ett Creative Group (Los Angeles, CA)
AECGAmerican-European Consensus Group
AECGArmy Exercise Control Group
aECGAnnotated Electrocardiogram (Healthcare Informatics Standard)
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The representations of ACEOs within policy or its general absence, with the exception of Bringing them home (HREOC 1997) and The report of the review of Aboriginal education (NSW AECG and NSW DET 2004), are routinely deficit.
In The report of the review of Aboriginal education (NSW AECG and NSW DET 2004), ACEOs are cited as necessary to Aboriginal student learning outcomes.
The Wenxin Keli group and the placebo group were comparable with respect to demographic characteristics, clinical manifestations, AECG parameters, and medical treatments.
Then we can thus formulate an AECG attacker on ECGP with non-negligible advantage [xi]([1.
Auntie May is our local Elder and she's also a lifetime member of the AECG [Aboriginal Education Consultative Group].
Because our study subjects were moving freely during concurrently continuous AECG and personal P[M.
Medow's first deal for FEA and AECG is the acquisition of the Los Angeles based companies, Six Palms Music and Third Story Music, home to a classic repertoire that includes compositions by Tom Waits (Ol '55, Tom Traubert's Blues, I Hope that I Don't Fall in Love With You), Alice Cooper (School's Out and Eighteen), Fred Neil (Everybody's Talkin') as well as Hey Joe (as recorded by Jimi Hendrix and countless others) and 1800 other copyrights.
22B three-channel AECG system (PI Company, USA) was used for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and HRV analyses of the patient on the first day after admission and eight weeks after treatment.
NSW AECG (Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Incorporated) and NSW DET (Department of Education and Training) 2004 The Report of the Review of Aboriginal Education, NSW DET, Sydney.
The parameters derived from AECG included ST-segment deviation apnea hypopnea index (AHI) QT interval dispersion (QTd) and heart rate variability (HRV).