AECIIAddress Element Correction service level II (US Postal Service)
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AECII cells were reported to lose phenotype markers over time when they were cultured in monolayer (17), but they might be able to express cell type-specific markers in an ALI interface culture (4).
Subpopulations of ALI cultured A549 cells exhibited abilities to partially express cell type-specific markers of AECI and AECII cells.
AECII cells have a potency to give rise to new AECII cells and differentiate into AECI cells during alveolar injury repair and regeneration, therefore they have been considered progenitor cells in the alveoli (3,4,18).
A previous study has suggested that dipalmitoyl phosphatidyl choline-containing multilamellar bodies (MLB) are ultrastructural hallmark of AECII cells (28).