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AECLAtomic Energy of Canada Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Ltd.
AECLAircraft & Equipment Configuration List
AECLAdministrative Exposure Control Level
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AECL spokesperson Rhea Cohen says the company has never "pushed to sell reactors to countries that have not concluded non-proliferation agreements with Canada." The Ministry of Natural Resources spokesperson adds that AECL "has never entered into an action to lobby the government to change its non-proliferation standards." The spokesperson acknowledges, however, that "AECL has certainly asked for approval to enter into trade with countries we [Canada] have not been able to get nuclear cooperation agreements with" and, in the 1970s, asked the government to assist overseas sales by pledging to stop strengthening safeguard regulations governing overseas nuclear cooperation.
If successful, AECL's technology could help prolong the life of satellites in space by as much as 30 years.
Indirect costs include site operational and corporate support costs at AECL's Chalk River Laboratories (CRL).
AECL (Artist Event Cricket league) is a cricket league founded in 2019 by Ashish Mathur.
The first was whether AECL's application for judicial review of the adjudicator's decision was premature; the second was whether the adjudicator's decision was unreasonable.
The contest over the scale of production that counts as free-range became public in 2008 when consumer organisation Choice gave the AECL a 'Shonky Award' for its definition of free-range with the comment that
Kevin Wallace was appointed to run Candu Energy in 2011 when SNC-Lavalin acquired the AECL reactor division (Natural Resources Canada 2011).
El acto en el que se firmo el decreto que extiende la vida util de la central conto con la presencia de la embajadora del Canada en la Argentina, Gwynth Kutz, la viceministra de Recursos Naturales de Canada, Cecili Cleroux, el presidente de SNC Lavalin Internacional, Ronald Denom, el vicepresidente de AECL, Bruce Ambeault, y el vicepresidente ejecutivo de SNC Lavalin Nuclear, Patrick Lamarre.
However, the NSSS, turbine-generators, and architect/engineering services continued to be provided primarily by non-Korean companies, including Westinghouse, Atomic Energy of Canada Limited (AECL), and the French firm Framatome, which had previously licensed its design from Westinghouse.
[51] "Expert panel recommends CANDU as best choice for China's alternative nuclear fuel program," AECL Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, 2009.
Since casual dining was becoming increasingly popular, Sedco saw an opportunity and decided to create Arabian Entertainment Company (AECL) in 1996, a firm specializing in restaurant industry, with a strong brand and strong corporate governance that falls within Shariah principles and investment guidelines.