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AECLAtomic Energy of Canada Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Ltd.
AECLAircraft & Equipment Configuration List
AECLAdministrative Exposure Control Level
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Back at home, the last reactor sale in Canada was in 1974, and none are on the horizon, despite a multi-million-dollar promotional push by AECL in recent years.
The precision of the software and manipulating robot arm allowed AECL to pinpoint each of the one-inch diameter heat transfer tubes.
The ACCC had also alleged that Mr James Kellaway, the managing director of AECL, and Mr Jeffrey Ironside, a director of AECL and Twelve Oaks Poultry, had attempted to induce egg producers to engage in cartel conduct.
AECL had hoped to begin shipments in 2013 but the work was delayed to respond questions by the U.
But a few months ago, officials with NB Power, the province's utility company, and AECL said the project was about 18 months behind schedule and at least $400 million over budget.
Granted, he'll keep the research wing of AECL but he'll also retain responsibility for storing nuclear waste which could prove to be a costly venture.
15 (ANI): If Canada and India reach an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation, the federally owned AECL Ltd, would be in a position to re-enter the Indian market after 35 years.
And in their December report, the Pembina Institute warns about the performance of AECL plants in Ontario.
Canadian government cap on AECL subsidies in the 1996 budget: $100 million per year
AECL had filed an affidavit in the proceedings summarizing confidential documents and resisted the Sierra Club's application for the production of the documents.