AECMAccounting Education using Computers and Multimedia
AECMAlbert Einstein College of Medicine (New York, New York)
AECMAlternating Expectation Conditional Maximization
AECMAeromedical Evacuation Crew Member(s)
AECMAirbag Electronic Control Module
AECMAtomic Energy Commission Manual
AECMAirborne Expendable Countermeasures
AECMActive Electronic Countermeasures
AECMArchitectural Engineering and Construction Management
AECMMaster Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate (Naval Rating)
AECMAttitude Ephemeris Event Controls Maintenance
AECMAdaptive Error Correction Model
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However, if it is believed that the residual of equation (1) depicts the average effect of other factors affecting government expenditures excluding tax revenues, then its asymmetric dynamic adjustments mechanism should suffice without incorporating dummies in the AECM.
Using his experience with AECM, last August Rice developed CPAS-L, an online forum for CPAs outside of education to address issues affecting any area of accounting.
Tenders are invited for (i) Repair of Aux Power Supply AECM (ii) Repair of Aux Power Supply PSS, (iii) Repair of LVPS E_920 (iv) Repair of LVPS E_921