AECOOAeromedical Evacuation Control Officer
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Understanding how particular exchanges and related technology might best support AECOO end-to-end business practices is a high priority for the industry.
The buildingSMART alliance and OGC decided that OGC's Interoperability Program is the right mechanism to encourage broad international participation in solving well-defined sets of AECOO community problems; facilitating cooperation among AECOO standards bodies; and achieving results no group could achieve alone.
Testbed roles are defined in OGC's and buildingSMART alliance's presentation to attendees at the Fall 2007 AEC-ST Conference about the AECOO Testbed that is available at: http://nbims.
The AECOO Testbed will build on these relationships as well as OGC's relationship with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other AECOO community and private organizations.