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AECSAtomic Energy Commission (Syria)
AECSAssociació d'Estudiants de Ciències de la Salut (Catalan Health Sciences Students Association; Catalonia, Spain)
AECSAtomic Energy Central School (India)
AECSAssociation Étudiante du Cégep de Sherbrooke (French)
AECSAeronautical Emergency Communications System (SIF)
AECSAdvanced Environmental Control System
AECSAndalusian Education & Culture Solutions
AECSAutomotive Electronic Control Systems (New Zealand/Australia)
AECSAdvanced Entry Control System
AECSSenior Chief Aviation Electrician's Mate (Naval Rating)
AECSAuxiliary Emission Control Strategy
AECSAverage Eye Closure Speed
AECSAdvanced Signal Processing - Executable Common Software
AECSAccenture Energy Consumer Services (energy)
AECSAutomated Error Control System
AECSArea Environmental Compliance Specialist
AECSAcquisition E3 Control Strategy
AECSAutomatic Eigen Calculation System
AECSAsia Evangelical College and Seminary (Bangalore, India)
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HiWire Consortium members will collaborate to develop and formalize the HiWire AEC product specification and certification process as well as a 3rd party certification lab to enable full interoperability of AECs from multiple sources.
In this respect, a compelling body of evidence demonstrated that AECs acted as a bridge for the communication between innate and adaptive immune systems to initiate and shape immune responses in the lungs [2-5].
The initial exudative phase is characterized by alveolar septal edema, reactive changes of type II AECs, edema with intraalveolar fibrin, and sometimes, hyaline membranes and infiltration of macrophages and neutrophils.
Each campus has formed an Associate Equity Council (AEC) with the mission to ensure that the environment remains hospitable, even as the student population continually changes.
EMT enhanced the cardioprotective effects of human AECs.
Frequently, release of animals is expected (or even demanded) by AECs and applicant researchers with little or no justification for why the animals must be released; when queried on their motivation to return the animals to the wild, the reasoning is usually emotive or based on anthropomorphising of the animal's fate (author's pers.
For many of these students, alternative education campuses (AECs) are a valuable way to earn a high school diploma and acquire the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in postsecondary education or the workforce.
GAP AeCs FORMER Hearts and Berwick Rangers winger Paul McMullan has extended his stay at Elgin City for next season after a successful six-month spell at Borough Briggs.
Syria (AECS) last May expressing full cooperation with IAEA on Deir Az-Zor
The AECs cater to active-duty, Guard and Reserve Soldiers.
In addition, Aintree Intubating Catheter[TM]-assisted (AIC, Cook Critical Care, Bloomington, IN, USA) intubation has been reported to be more difficult through the sLMA than other laryngeal masks, leading one author to suggest Arndt Airway Exchange Catheter Set-assisted (AECS, Cook Critical Care, Bloomington, IN, USA) intubation as the most appropriate technique in combination with the sLMA (5).