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AECTAssociation for Educational Communications and Technology
AECTAssociation of Electric Companies of Texas (Austin, TX; trade organization; est. 1978)
AECTAeromedical Evacuation Control Team
AECTAfrican Elephant Conservation Trust
AECTAssociation for Electronics Distributors
AECTAverage Engine Combustion Time
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You are invited to present at the 2017 AECT International Convention in Jacksonville, Florida to share your expertise and knowledge with global peers whose ideas, directions, and discoveries are leading change in our field.
The litigation referred to above arose as a result of a series of large dividends paid by Mercury to AECT, and the announcement by AECT that it intended to pay those amounts to the income beneficiaries.
This concept had already been adopted by several states (Henne, 1968b; AASL and AECT, 1998; Reed, 1968).
The AECT International Convention brings together participants from around the world offering practical applications, cutting-edge research, hands-on workshops, and demonstrations of the newest technologies and teaching/ learning techniques in the field.
What elements of the four roles set forth in Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning (AASL and AECT, 1998) are valued/prominent/evident in today's schools?
The AECT Achievement Award honors individuals and corporations that in the past year have made the most significant contribution to the advancement of educational communications and technology.
This convention serves as a celebration of our profession as AECT represents the practicing professional, the emergent professional, iconic contributors to our field, and the contemporary leaders of our field.
Collaboration is among the most frequently used words in Information power: Building partnerships for learning (AASL & AECT, 1998).
The most recently published national guidelines, again published jointly by the AASL and the AECT (1988) and titled Information Power: Guidelines for School Library Media Programs, added this 1986 ALA council interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights from a school perspective.
Given developments in research, technology, and society, professional practice in the various disciplines that comprise the AECT community continue to change and evolve.