AEDBAlternative Energy Development Board
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Among the major decisions taken during the meeting, the Board reviewed the AEDB (Certification) Regulations, 2017, approved earlier by the Board in its 41st Board Meeting, and approved certain amendments therein for streamlining the process certification of vendors / installers / service providers of solar systems and allowing certification of consulting firms related to such applications.
The board also reviewed the overall progress, discussed matters pertaining to renewable energy projects and initiatives of the government and the AEDB for the promotion of renewable energy technologies in the country in view of the recent policy decisions.
The Board discussed matters relating to renewable energy projects and initiatives of the Government and AEDB for promotion of RE technologies in the country with special emphasis on promoting RE based net-metering.
The board discussed initiatives of the government and AEDB to promote renewable energy technologies with special emphasis on the net metering system.
Resource mapping: AEDB in cooperation with the World Bank in implementing a renewable energy resource mapping activity covering the entire Pakistan.
Success story of REAP start from the successful conduction of the Steering Committee meeting in Islamabad, elections of the EC members, full session AEDB presence including the honorable presence of the CEO Mr.
The event was chaired by Chief Executive Officer of AEDB Amjad Ali Awan.
The event was chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of AEDB Amjad Ali Awan.
AEDB maintained in the report that Pilot Phase of Landhi Cattle Colony Biogas Project to generate electric power has completed with the capacity of 35 MW, while during the last two years Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) had signed for 15 MW power generation between Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO) and Al-Moiz Industries.
Arif Alauddin, CEO AEDB said that Pakistan has made great strides in improving the image of Pakistan to the international investors and turbine manufacturers.
The Minister while appreciating Amjad Ali Awan, CEO AEDB and the team associated with solar power for their hard work to complete all the requirements for facilitation of solar power-based net-metering and its seamless inclusion in the national grid.
Furthermore, the government has mandated AEDB (Alternative Energy Development Board) to act as a central agency for development and promotion of ARE (Alternative and Renewable Energy) technologies in Pakistan and to facilitate the private sector investment in this sector.