AEDEANAsociacion Espanola De Estudios Anglo Norteamericanos (Spanish: Spanish Association for English and American Studies)
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In November I was invited to attend the AEDEAN conference in Oviedo, Asturias--a major academic event as usual.
Maria Teresa Turell was President of AEDEAN (Spanish Association for English and American Studies) between 2002-2005.
He also had a deep connection and friendship with the east of Europe, no doubt rooted in his family history in the Czech town of Freudenthal, while his long membership and active role in AEDEAN, the Spanish Association for English and American Studies, bears witness to his passion for building bridges between all corners of the continent.
1) A preliminary version of this study was presented in the 34th 2010 AEDEAN conference held at the University of Almeria.
Inside Out: Women Negotiating, Subverting, Appropriating Public and Private Space comprises the outcome of the seminar Teresa Gomez Reus co-organised with Deborah Parsons, 'Women and Public Space: Practice and Representation', at the 2004 ESSE Conference held in Zaragoza, plus the roundtable conducted in AEDEAN (Jaen, 2005) and other invited contributions.
Armengol's Richard Ford and the Fiction of Masculinities (2010), the winner of the 2010 AEDEAN Literary Scholarship Prize, is a landmark text.
1) This essay is a revised and extended version of a paper presented at XXXI International AEDEAN Conference held in A Coruna in November 2007.
AEDEAN Select Papers in Language, Literature and Culture.
She has co-edited and co-translated Hoban's Riddley Walker (Dudo Errante, Berenice, 2005), the AEDEAN Translation Award in 2005, and more recently a Spanish edition of Johnson's Rasselas (La historia de Rasselas, principe de Abisinia, Berenice, 2007).
Hall 1997; Tudor 1999; Couldry 2000; McRobbie 2005), the book makes amends for the comparative neglect of cultural studies in Iberian English studies (about which Cornut-Gentille and Hand have often complained), while it also bras witness to the productivity of cultural studies panels in AEDEAN conferences and the Culture and Power Seminar, with its own conferences and publications, which Walton himself has often presided over.