AEDFAlgiers Economic Development Foundation (New Orleans, LA)
AEDFArkansas Earth Day Foundation
AEDFAssociated Equipment Distributors Foundation
AEDFArtery End-Diastolic Flow
AEDFAlaska/Arctic Environmental Defense Fund (est. 2000)
AEDFAbsent End Diastolic Frequency
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Women whose fetus had AEDF were admitted; if the fetus was <34 weeks' gestation corticosteroids were given and the woman and her fetus were monitored in hospital.
Thirty-eight fetuses (11.8%) in the high-risk group had or developed AEDF (1.5% of the population screened with an outcome).
of Adverse Outcomes Cases AEDF REDF PEDF Intrauterine deaths 3 2 1 0 Admission to NICU 7 3 0 4 Low APGAR score 9 0 0 9 AEDF: Absent End-diastolic flow; REDF: Reversal End-diastolic flow, PEDF: Positive End-diastolic flow.
The findings of the last UA Doppler at delivery showed that all the patients in group 2 had UA PI >95th percentile for their gestation period, 36 had only raised PI, 16 had AEDF, and 13 had REDF.
"We had several TTTS scares, then at 25 weeks I was told that Ewan had AEDF and there was a chance he wouldn't survive because he couldn't breathe."
Joyandet says the AEDF, managed by an international committee, will direct 60% of the fund to "the greatest film projects" with the rest used to support debuting films and underfinanced producers.
The website is a joint project developed by the Associated Equipment Distributors Foundation (AEDF), the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) and the Construction Industry Manufacturers Association (CIMA).
The current study has shown that AEDF and REDF in umbilical artery is strongly associated with major perinatal morbidity and mortality.
Yoon et al demonstrated in their study that AEDF is a strong and independent predictor of adverse perinatal outcome.
Hypoxia was defined when there is AEDF and acedemia is when there is REDF.