AEDFAlgiers Economic Development Foundation (New Orleans, LA)
AEDFArkansas Earth Day Foundation
AEDFAssociated Equipment Distributors Foundation
AEDFArtery End-Diastolic Flow
AEDFAlaska/Arctic Environmental Defense Fund (est. 2000)
AEDFAbsent End Diastolic Frequency
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Further, based on the ROC curve, abnormal Doppler (reduced flow, AEDF or REDF) had a sensitivity of 80% and specificity of 92.
11] retrospectively investigated the screening efficacy of UA S/D, PI, and AEDF for adverse pregnancy outcomes and placental abnormalities in SGA fetuses.
3%) for abnormal Doppler (reduced flow, AEDF or REDF) as a screening tool for detection of abnormal placental pathology.
Out of 30 patients studied between 32-33+6days of gestation, three had AEDF and 5 had CPR ratio <1.
Of the 25 cases, one patient had AEDF and 3 patients had CPR ratio<1.
Of the remaining 13 cases, one patient with AEDF and four patients with CPR of less than 1.
Pregnancies which showed abnormal doppler such as AEDF and CPR less than 1.
1-5 10 23 Table 3: Showing nature of abnormal doppler study and perinatal outcome Doppler variables IUGR Fetal distress APGAR [less than or equal to] 7 1min S/D ratio > 95th percentile 12 8 5 AEDF 5 5 3 REDF 2 1 1 Doppler variables APGAR NICU Perinatal [less than or admission death equal to] S/D ratio > 95th percentile 0 11 0 AEDF 1 4 0 REDF 1 1 1
Subject: supply and transportation of natural gasReference: AEDF / Gas / 2015/2018Main features: Supply and delivery of natural gas to approximately 150 delivery points without the Ardennes from 12.