AEDGAllen Economic Development Group (Lima, Ohio)
AEDGAdvance Energy Design Guide (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers)
AEDGAbrasive Electrical Discharge Grinding
AEDGAdvanced Engineering Development Group (Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc.)
AEDGArchitectural Engineering Design Group, Inc. (Denver, CO)
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Specifications for reduced infiltration rates have been provided by the technical support document for the AEDG for medium box retail buildings (Hale et al.
These reduced values were adapted from the AEDG for medium to big box retail buildings (AEDG 2011).
The specifications for this measure were adopted from the AEDG for small warehouses (AEDG 2008).
The chief limitation of the AEDG series is that it based in new construction, whereas existing buildings use most of our energy.
67 Pa/m) maximum friction in accordance with the AEDG.
And the 50% AEDG Large Hospitals was started earlier this month and will be available for download in April 2012.
The first of these volumes, the 50% AEDG for Small and Medium Office Buildings has now been printed.
Overview of the 50% AEDG Series and What's New in the 50% AEDG Office Guide
Tables 8 and 9 list the envelope insulation levels for the energy-efficient building model for metal buildings and the window types taken from the ASHRAE Small Office AEDG.
1-2004 for climate zones 1 through 2B and the Small Office AEDG for the other climate zones.
One of the recommendations is to accelerate the AEDG development schedule and go directly from the 50% guidance series to net zero energy guidance.
These AEDGs are being developed in cooperation with DOE, the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the Illuminating Engineering Society of North American (IESNA), and the U.