AEDLAdvanced Engineering Design Laboratory (University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
AEDLApplied Engineering and Development Laboratory (Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company)
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Los anos de funcionamiento del modelo, no han hecho sino dibujar una metodologia de intervencion en la que ha asumido un papel muy importante la relacion del tecnico AEDL con el poder politico actuante, tanto a nivel local como supralocal.
Una vez recogidas y analizadas las informaciones contenidas en los cuestionarios, se organizaron a lo largo de la geografia valenciana siete grupos de discusion de expertos que reunieron a 43 profesionales del desarrollo local (38 tecnicos AEDL pertenecientes a Corporaciones locales, 2 tecnicos AEDL en dependencia de una Mancomunidad y 3 tecnicos de Orientacion Laboral--OPEA--).
Daniel Cohn Bendit, who lies behind the Polish member's candidacy is also ready to support Mr Geremek on behalf of his Greens group if the AEDL does likewise.
Besides the programs to develop materials and processes for hot-runner injection and structural blow molding, the AEDL in Avon Lake, Ohio, has been established as a technical resource center for PVC customers, offering assistance in such areas as computer-aided design and engineering (CAD/CAE), mold-flow analysis, and part and tooling design (see PT, Jan.
To pursue development of such larger parts, the company recently installed a 700-ton HPM injection machine at the AEDL and plans to install next year another injection machine in the 2000-ton range, which could fabricate parts up to 30 in.
Copsey, group leader for Geon plastics technology and director of the AEDL, said the new material being developed for hot runners is similar to the PVC alloy to be employed for structural blow molding.
The second step, now under way at the AEDL, will be to develop the necessary blow molding process technology, mold design and part prototyping, according to Knechtges.
As reported here in January, the AEDL is offering technical services such as finite-element analysis, mold filling and cooling analyses, and CAD/CAE assistance to injection molders of rigid PVC.