AEDPAccelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy
AEDPAlexandria Economic Development Partnership, Inc. (Alexandria, VA)
AEDPAstrometry and Engineering Data Processing
AEDPAllied Engineering Documentation Publication
AEDPAerospace Educational Development Program
AEDPAlbania Education Development Project
AEDPAccelerated Executive Development Program
AEDPAutomated Error Detection Program (FAA)
AEDPAdvanced Electrical Development Package
AEDPAortic End Diastolic Pressure
AEDPAssociation of Educational Data Processing
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AEDP practitioners have developed several strategies intended to provide the patient with these corrective experiences:
When therapists express empathy, as they're encouraged to do in AEDP, patients often erect active defenses against this, even when that empathy is something they've longed for.
Miller's recommendations were endorsed and set to policy, by the AEDP (Aboriginal Employment Development Policy).
4) In its 1987 policy statement, the AEDP positioned the CDEP as pivotal in facilitating an economic equity and welfare independency commensurate with the greater community (Miller 1985, 5).
The effect of this has been that the scheme has encouraged a hierarchical administration, with local communities being responsible to larger communities which in turn are accountable to the AEDP (which was responsible to the DAA, now ATSIC).
Since the AEDP goal is economic equity, the underlying standard upon which it is based can act only to further discourage Aborigines from undertaking traditional productive activities.
In effect, the scheme has undercut the AEDP objective of increasing industry parity, with dissimilarity between Aborigines and non-Aborigines increasing between 1986 and 1991 (1993, 24, 30).