AEDRAssociation d'Entraide pour le Développement Rural (French: Rural Development Aid Association)
AEDRAeromedical Epidemiology Data Repository
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It includes both formal and informal mechanisms, such as alternative electoral dispute resolution (AEDR) mechanisms.An electoral justice system should be reviewed periodically to ensure that it fulfils its function of guaranteeing the holding of a free, fair and genuine poll, in keeping with the law.
In addition to traditional network security services, MSSPs should also look at other advanced security services, such as advanced endpoint detection and response (AEDR), advanced security analytics and threat intelligence, critical infrastructure protection (CIP), and advanced DDoS mitigation to prevent Internet of Things (IoT)-based DDoS attacks, said Digital Transformation Industry Analyst Vu Anh Tien.
He added, In terms of service model, we believe that hosted security services will see an uptake in the next 5 years as many customers are migrating their infrastructure to the cloud, which requires MSSPs to provide relevant services, such as hosted DDoS mitigation, Email & web security, AEDR and APT protection, to facilitate and protect the transformation and infrastructure.