AEEAArkansas Environmental Education Association
AEEAAmerican Education & Exchange Association (Monmouth, OR)
AEEAAlternate Energy Engineering Associates (Bremerton, WA)
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For the other amines, the amount of non-deprotonated carboxylic groups at stoichiometric neutralization follows the sequence AEEA < DEA < TEA.
AEEA has only one basic group, but the secondary amino group, even though not having significant base activity, can establish hydrogen bonding with carbonyl groups in the polyester chain, also contributing to viscosity increase.
Figure 6 shows the dry film opacity and average particle size results obtained using AEEA for neutralization.
Addition of excess AEEA does not contribute to MVPs stabilization, but promotes hydrotropic dissolution of polyester in the continuous phase.
DEA is a weaker base than AEEA or DETA, forming lower number of car-boxylate anions at the same degree of neutralization.
9:1 (a) Cu-MH = copper monoethanolamine; Cu-en = copper ethylenediamine; Cu- AEEA = copper aminoethylethanolamine; Cu-Polyim = copper polyethylenimine mixed with 20 percent of monoethanolamine.
NFEH organizing AEEA since 2004 with support of Ministry of Environment and United National Environmental Program (UNEP).