AEERAnthropology of East Europe Review (journal)
AEERAdvanced Extended Echo Ranging
AEERAssociation for Engineering Education of Russia
AEERAlpha Equus English Riders (horseback riding; Fargo, ND)
AEERAttitude Ephemeris and Events Report
AEERAnnual Energy Efficiency Ratio
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Apex AEER is a collaborative partnership between S&T and CBP designed to assist CBP in addressing the entry challenges as well as to enable the Department to meet the mandate for a biometric air exit capability, Robert Burns, S&T s Apex AEER director said in the report.
Syntroleum Corporation (NASDAQ: SYNM) today announced that on March 3, 2008, Syntroleum Corporation received a payment of $5,765,894 from African Energy Equity Resources Limited ("AEER") representing full and final payment of their debt obligation which arose from the Share Sale and Purchase Agreement between Syntroleum International, Syntroleum, AEER, and Energy Equity Resources (Norway) Limited ("EERNL") dated January 19, 2007 for the sale of Syntroleum International's Nigerian business.
Syntroleum Corporation has agreed to immediately withdraw all winding up proceedings against AEER and EERNL.