AEFOAssociation des Enseignants Franco-Ontariens
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Founded in 2009 by brothers Danny and Roni Stone, they have turned a passion for gaming and software design into a successful business venture with products such as Aefo Alfie, Chokoblok and Chopstix.
The requirement for fair hiring practices and greater teacher autonomy in diagnostic assessments are components of the agreements signed with OECTA and AEFO that would benefit Ontario's education system, including students.
Cette contrainte regionale minoritaire ou il y a de vastes territoires a couvrir et un faible nombre d'ecoles, en particulier d'ecoles secondaires, est l'une des multiples caracteristiques du << facteur francophone >> qui pese sur les conseils scolaires francophones depuis leur instauration en 1998 (AEFO, 2006) et ce, en un milieu majoritaire anglophone bien implante depuis longtemps.
Created by avid gaming brothers Danny and Roni Stone, co-owners of Von Nostrum Games, Deci Clock follows the successful launch of the company's initial three games, Aefo Alfie, Chokoblok and Chopstix.