AEFPAlberta Environmental Farm Plan (Canada)
AEFPAllied Expeditionary Forces Programme (British Broadcasting Corporation radio station; UK)
AEFPAssisted End-Diastolic Pressure
AEFPApia Export Fish Packers (Samoa)
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The lack of a social dimension in ASEM is, according to AEFP, due to the fact that European and Asian visions for a more just and equal economic and social development have been left out of ASEM since the first meeting in 1996.
In conclusion, AEFP pointed to the Burma/Myanmar dictatorship's lack of progress in terms of democratisation and national reconciliation and called on ASEM governments to demand an immediate release of political prisoners, as well as bringing the case to the UN Security Council.
In an indignant, but moderately worded protest, he reminded the BBC that it had originally not wanted the AEFP but was now claiming the credit for it, adding that the phrase was creating `criticism and resentment' among the American troops in France.