AEFSFleet Replenishment Ship (US Navy designation)
AEFSAdvanced Elementary Formal Systems (computer science)
AEFSAdvanced Electronic Flight Strips
AEFSAirport Equipment Fueling System
AEFSAnti-Exposure Flight Suit
AEFSAmerican Expeditionary Forces Siberia (US DoD; post-World War I)
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This system allowed the players to realistically model the construction of AEFs throughout gameplay.
The maximum analytical enhancement factors (AEF) for the CV and NBT samples at 0.3 nM concentration (above LOD for both chemicals detected on Al foil) were calculated by (1) above and reported in Table 1.
AEFs constitute a devastating clinical condition, which may cause abundant gastrointestinal hemorrhage with or without sepsis.
* Allocating F-22s to the AEFs on an as needed basis would obviate the principal benefit of the AEF system, which is to provide predictability and stability for airmen.
The mechanism for doing so is the Air and Space Expeditionary Force (AEF) construct.
* Ten AEFs and enabler forces support and sustain global expeditionary operations--in 2000 only 22 percent of Airmen were postured to deploy; in 2005, fully 78 percent were available.
The study concludes, "Air Force and command planning personnel did not consistently and accurately assign forces to the AEFs. Further, the Air Force did not adequately manage AEF personnel requirements." (8) The study notes that the numbers of equipment and persons varied from one AEF to the next, with AEF 9 having nearly twice as many persons as AEF 10--24,755 compared to 11,154.
Specifically, that wisdom applies to the AEF cells at each major Air Force command.
Officials noted that scheduled Aerospace Expeditionary Force (AEF) rotational unit deployments never broke down during the operation.
With a basic knowledge of the EAF concept and the fact that AEFs might face difficulties adjusting to their deployed environment, the impact fatigue has on safety can now be scrutinized; and the potential danger areas for AEFs can be established.
In 1999, General Ryan began organizing the ten Aerospace Expeditionary Forces (AEFs) that would form the overall Expeditionary Aerospace Force (EAF).
In 1995-96 it sent three specially created AEFs to unimproved airfields in Bahrain, Jordan, and Qatar.