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Hi cneowdon ba aeft, and aeffrem pa spraec mid greciscum Gereorde, God herigende, and se halga biscop hine hadode to messepreost, and his wealhstod to diacone.
The Anglo Saxon Chronicle entry for 979 (D), concerning the murder of the young King Edward, asserts: "Ne weard Angelcynne nan wyrse d<ae>d gedon, ponne peos woes, syppan hi aeft Britenland gesohton" [Never was a worse deed done amongst the English people than this was, since they first sought Britain[.
b aeft out; to c I e ge eral ece h abo tlo.s9 taken as aarhole weGoodero, vutyoucquirenknnoledgelmd flu bnjoyno Ctiis;M n.