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AEGIS[not an acronym] US Navy phased array radar-based combat system (Aegis is the Greek word for Shield)
AEGISAIDS Education Global Information Service
AEGISAdvanced Electronic Guidance and Instrumentation System
AEGISAlien Exterminating Global Intercept System (anime)
AEGISAirborne Early Warning Ground Environment Integration Segment (European System)
AEGISATM European Group for Improvement of Scenarios
AEGISAdvanced Electronic Guided Interceptor System
AEGISAntimatter Experiment: Gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy
AEGISAppropriate and Effective Guidance for Information Security
AEGISAssessment of Effectiveness of Geologic Isolation System
AEGISAdvisory Experts Group on Inherent Safety
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This contract comes on the heels of a successful joint-missile defense exercise in June in which Aegis destroyers from the three nations shared data while detecting and tracking a simulated missile threat.
regional military commanders for BMD-capable Aegis ships are growing faster than the number of BMD-capable Aegis ships.
By the end of her tenure, she had firmly established Aegis BMD's "We Deliver" reputation throughout the missile defense community with 11 ships fitted with the Long Range Surveillance and Track capability and two ships with the ballistic missile engagement capability.
If anyone reading this has or knows of a copy (print or electronic) of one of these conferences that we might be able to borrow, please call me at AEGIS, 949-248-5843; our hours are 8 a.
BAE SYSTEMS, as prime contractor to the AEGIS TECHREP, will provide engineering and technical support to independently assess and validate total ship combat system design for U.
Aegis Lending Corporation is a retail subsidiary that concentrates on helping those with less-than-perfect credit improve their financial situations through sensible mortgage lending options.
This Launch on Remote capability helps broaden the reach of Aegis systems by allowing individual Aegis units to use data from networked sensors to track and engage threats, said Brendan Scanlon, Lockheed Martins director of Aegis Ashore programs.
At that time, Aegis was providing wafer or die level products.
This feature reportedly offers substantially higher performance over the legacy market data API, and Aegis is the first ISV to certify with this new market data FIX interface.
This additional capacity will boost output for the entire product line of Aegis RoHS-compliant channel monitors, enabling the company to keep pace with increasing customer demand.
This means that lenders like Aegis have many fewer applications to review to identify and confirm fraud.
4 specification which already had all the necessary information," said Joseph Horowitz, Director of Technology at Aegis Software, "but the workflow was not well defined.