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Poland's BRE Bank (BREP.WA), a unit of Germany's Commerzbank (CBKG.DE) (CBK.DE) (OTC: CRZBY), has sold 49.7 percent of Aegon PTE pension fund to Dutch Aegon (AEGN.AS) for PLN482.5m (USD239), reports Reuters.
(NASDAQ: AEGN) has completed the sale of its 51% interest in Bayou Perma-Pipe Canada, Ltd, a pipe coating company in Western Canada, to its joint venture partner, MFRI, Inc., for USD 9.6m, the company said.
(NASDAQ: AEGN) has executed a definitive agreement to acquire Underground Solutions, Inc.
Aegion Corporation (Nasdaq Global Select Market: AEGN), a provider of infrastructure solutions, announced on Wednesday that its Corrosion Protection platform was recently awarded three contracts with a combined value of approximately USD32m.
Most recently, Siebert has served as general manager of Coating Services for Aegion (AEGN), helping establish the company's Eastern Hemisphere headquarters in Dubai, he focused on developing and managing operations in key international markets, including Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa & the Caspian Region.