AEGpAeromedical Evacuation Group (USAF)
AEGPAcute Eruptive Guttate Psoriasis Vulgaris (dermatology)
AEGPAssociation of European Golf Professionals (UK)
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States that receive AEGP funding must furnish at least forty-three
AEGP lists eight requirements to which states must adhere in order
Because sex education programs funded under AEGP are confined to
under AEGP are reviewed for compliance with these statutory standards
The language contained in AEGP is unscientific and needlessly
Further, AEGP mandates religious standards that lack a scientific basis.
education curricula through AEGP and other abstinence-only programs.
a first step, AEGP and programs like it should not be renewed when they
The last year for which funding is provided for AEGP is 2017.
If AEGP meets each element of the Dole test, a comprehensive sex