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AEGSAlberta Ethane Gathering System (Canada)
AEGSAssociation of English Graduate Students
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Killed in the AEG were the pilot, Unteroffizier Franz Hertling, and his crewmen, Leutnant Georg Ernst and Leutnant in der Reserve Otto Niess.
28 Squadron scored six of his 11 victories flying Camel B6344, including the AEG shared with two Italian pilots on December 26, 1917.
The basic startup costs can vary significantly, but a good starter AEG (Airsoft/Automatic Electric Gun) rifle, mask, battery, smart charger and BBs will cost about $150 to $250.
Schedule an appointment with the AEW or AEG commander to discuss critical items like commander priorities and battle rhythm.
retained by the AEG commander, the commander with TACON has very limited
Although AEGs do not have blowback mechanisms at this time, they are still hugely popular with airsoft enthusiasts.
Although Tokyo Marui AEGs have molded ABS bodies, those produced by Classic Army and ICS sport metal bodies for even greater realism and weight close to the real things.
AEG age AEI aie AEN ane AER are AES sea AET eat AGI gai (9) AGN nag AGR rag AGS sag AGT tag AIN ain AIR air AIS ais AIT ait ANR ran ANS san ANT ant ARS ars ART art AST sat EGI gie EGN gen EGR erg EGS seg EGT get EIN nie (8) EIR ire EIS sei EIT tie ENR ern ENS ens ENT net ERS ers ERT ret EST set GIN gin GIS Gis GIT git GNR GNR GNS GNT GRS GRT GST INR rin INS sin INT tin IRS sir IRT rit IST sit NRS NRT NST RST
With the 4th FW commander as lead for AEF 8, his or her role is no longer as a fighter wing commander; however, he or she may be called on to command an AEW or AEG of mixed forces.
Also in the fourth quarter of 2004, NOVA Chemicals sold its investment in the AEGS for $78 million in cash proceeds and a before-tax gain of $53 million ($40 million after-tax).
Closing of the sale of NOVA Chemicals' interest in AEGS and related sales agreements are subject to customary regulatory and other approvals.
Glossary AEF Aerospace Expeditionary Force(s) AEG Aerospace Expeditionary Group AES Aerospace Expeditionary Squadron AFI Air Force Instruction ASRS Aviation Safety Reporting System ATC arrival time coefficient BAC blood alcohol concentration CINC commander in chief CNS central nervous system EAF Expeditionary Aerospace Force FAA Federal Aviation Administration ICAO International Civilian Aviation Organization NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration NREM nonrapid eye movement NTSB National Transportation Safety Board REM rapid eye movement USAF United States Air Force