AEHArchives of Environmental Health
AEHAravind Eye Hospital
AEHAction Européenne des Handicapés (European Action of the Disabled; Bonn, Germany)
AEHAmis des Enfants d'Haiti (French: Friends of the Children of Haiti)
AEHAmerican Economic History
AEHAsynchronous Event Handling
AEHAbstracts in Economic History
AEHAtelier d'Exploration Harmonique (French music research center; est. 1983)
AEHAirborne Electronic Hardware (US FAA)
AEHAdult Education for the Homeless
AEHAnalog Electro-Hydraulic
AEHAutomatic Event Handler
AEHAssumed Ellipsoid Height
AEHAdded Entry - Historical
AEHAntenna Effective Height
AEHAide aux Enfants d'Haiti (French: Help the Children of Haiti)
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Poe's recounting of the AEH highlights Hebron's importance in the biblical narrative and its relation to subsequent archaeological excavations.
Assim, para a analise, foram definidas duas unidades tematicas, com seus subtemas: (1) caracterizacao da rede municipal de saude na atencao as criancas e aos adolescentes em situacao de VS, abrangendo (a) unidades do Sistema Unico de Saude que facam tal atendimento e (b) a existencia de um fluxo intersetorial de atencao e a participacao do setor Saude; (2) oferta de atendimento as criancas e aos adolescentes em situacao de VS, incluindo (a) AEH, (b) ILG e (c) oferta e fluxo para profilaxias DST/Aids e hepatites virais.
Maincote AEH Resin offers excellent tire pickup resistance in waterborne 2K concrete coatings, making it an excellent choice for commercial flooring and residential garage floors where high performance and ultra-low VOC is desired.
251, 254-55 (1973) (on file with the AEH File); Andre E.
A su vez, dentro de cada una de las AEHs pueden diferenciarse zonas ecologicas homogeneas (ZEHs).
El AEH ha sido implementado en el ambiente de simulacion Scicos de Scilab.
Minig and colleagues tested the combination of a levoonorgestrel-release intrauterine device (Mirena) and a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) analog as a fertility-preserving treatment for AEH and well-differentiated endometrial cancer (EC-G1).
AEH LLC, led by Angela Harrison, acquired the 800 E.
1 of Population Trends 122, Winter 20056 Table 6 Households in 2001 Households, thousands (A) (B) (C) 2003-based AEH Census- With 1996- projection based based projected estimate (5) representative rates North East 1,075 1,082 1,081 North West 2,827 2,850 2,833 Yorkshire and Humber 2,069 2,074 2,087 East Midlands 1,737 1,737 1,738 West Midlands 2,154 2,162 2,157 East of England 2,236 2,235 2,259 London 3,026 3,094 3,175 South East 3,294 3,295 3,348 South West 2,093 2,087 2,101 England 20,523 20,614 20,780 Sources: (A) is based on Table C of New Projections of Households for England and Regions to 2026 (1) (B) is from Table 20 of Households and Dwellings in England in 1991 and 2001 (5) (by A.
From Table 2 we observed that AEKMM has a better performance that AEKM and AEH.
He explained that AEH is a precursor to the most common type of endometrial adenocarcinoma, but is paradoxically diagnosed at a much lower rate than the disease it is supposed to presage.