AEHFAdvanced Extremely High Frequency
AEHFAmerican Environmental Health Foundation
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All AEHF satellites will receive resiliency upgrades over the coming years, McKenzie said.
To calculate the market size, analysis is based on the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information about the global AEHF system market collected from specialized sources.
On 22 July, it was announced that a team including the two AEHF contractors (see above), alongside Telecommunication Systems of Maryland, had completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Low Cost Terminal (LCT) which will allow communications with the AEHF.
Then people take the concept of disaggregation, which is an important concept for the future, because right now we have three advanced extremely high frequency, three AEHF satellites in space.
AEHF satellites, the MUOS (mobile user objective system), and WGS (wideband global SATCOM) have just begun operations; spares are budgeted, but the satellites have not been in operation long enough to tell how well they will perform over the long haul.
Air Force has been allowing select groups to use AEHF for testing as it fields the system.
We can certainly improve and expand the AEHF constellation much faster than engage in multiple new technology program starts.
TSAT provides significantly more capacity and connections than the Milstar and AEHF systems, improving availability of protected satellite communications for future military operations.
The AEHF satellites will provide protected communications to support strategic assets with upgraded extremely high frequency (EHF) protected/survivable features.
Navy ship, submarine and shore installations with full access to the communications capacity provided by the AEHF satellite constellation.
AEHF will replenish the aging MILSTAR EHF satellite constellation as those spacecraft reach the end of their service life.