AEHFAdvanced Extremely High Frequency
AEHFAmerican Environmental Health Foundation
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On 22 July, it was announced that a team including the two AEHF contractors (see above), alongside Telecommunication Systems of Maryland, had completed the Critical Design Review (CDR) for the Low Cost Terminal (LCT) which will allow communications with the AEHF.
A constellation of nuclear-hardened communications satellites forms the AEHF protected network to stave off high-tech jammers, eavesdropping and cyberattacks.
8 million contract for the development of management concepts for a new protected tactical waveform communications system, which is being funded through the Air Force's AEHF program.
Again using the example of AEHF, both strategic and tactical protected communications payloads are hosted on the satellite.
Air Force has been allowing select groups to use AEHF for testing as it fields the system.
TSAT provides significantly more capacity and connections than the Milstar and AEHF systems, improving availability of protected satellite communications for future military operations.
The successful demonstrations are the culmination of three years of waveform design and hardware/software development as part of the AEHF Navy Multiband Terminal program.
EMS D&S's nulling system will help in safeguarding the AEHF constellation's Milsatcom architecture, as it is designed to protect the spacecraft's tactical network from jamming and piracy.
Also featured were Northrop Grumman's AEHF and Enhanced Polar System (EPS) payload programs and the EHF LCT.
Vanguard delivered the bus structures for AEHF space vehicles five and six.
Satellite System The AEHF is a planned six-satellite constellation to be used to relay service communications for U.