AEHIAlternate Energy Holdings, Inc
AEHIAlternatives in Education for the Hearing Impaired
AEHIAmerican Elite Homes, Inc. (Kannapolis, NC)
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An AEHI representative shared this information with a reporter from the CBS television affiliate in Boise well in advance of the story that actually aired, which falsely stated Gillispie sold his stock for $100,000.
I now look forward to the federal process, as key government officials in the United States, like President Barack Obama have put their support behind nuclear power," said Don Gillispie, AEHI CEO.
com) -- A subsidiary of AEHI, Energy Neutral(TM) plays a key role in promoting responsible and affordable renewable sources of energy.
The Complaint names AEHI and certain of the Company's current executive officers and directors as defendants.
According to the lawsuit, AEHI came to Payette County in October 2009 with its purported plan to build a nuclear power plant, and even though the company had no revenues, profits, or operating business it obtained initial Payette County approval within two months of filing its first application.
I am very grateful to see Howard Butcher join the AEHI Board of Directors.
Their service has been invaluable in guiding AEHI and helping to accomplish some remarkable goals, which includes an historic local approval to build a nuclear power plant in Idaho.
AEHI is both pleased and honored to have the support of Mr.
In accordance with the IPCC's green energy recommendations, AEHI has extended its support to the environmental preservation efforts of these organizations and asked for their consideration in promoting commercial nuclear power, specifically the Idaho Energy Complex, as a current and viable solution to the growing international concern over global warming.
We have received seventy thousand free trading shares of AEHI from a third party, and an additional one hundred thousand restricted shares of AEHI from Alternate Energy Holdings, Inc.
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The study has determined greenhouse gas emissions to be a serious worldwide threat in the near future, and AEHI is joined by many prominent environmental groups in supporting commercial nuclear energy as a clean energy alternative to CO2-emitting fossil fuel plants.