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I believe this volume continues the proud AEHJ tradition of publishing engaging contributions from a variety of diverse field.
Marlin Barber of Missouri State University is this year's winner of the AEHJ Article of the Year Award.
Editing AEHJ has been intellectually engaging and immeasurably rewarding; it has been an honor to serve as editor since October 2010.
Joseph Watras of the University of Dayton is this year's winner of the AEHJ Article of the Year Award.
Considering the relationship between the evolution of civics education, widely considered citizenship training, and this larger process of Americanization across different contexts within the empire can lead to the types of complex questions about culture, race, economics, and conceptions of democracy that were raised in the AEHJ "Book Review Forum" (2012).
The reasons behind this exploitation are a matter of debate, as evidenced by the contributions to the AEHJ (2012) "Book Review Forum."
John Wakefield of the University of North Alabama is this year's winner of the AEHJ Article of the Year Award.
AEHJ is a national journal with a national name and a national audience.
As many of you may remember, George Johnson of Information Age has agreed to sponsor an annual award for the best article published in each Volume of AEHJ. I am pleased to announce that the winner of the Article of the Year Award for Volume 34 (2007) is Dr.
I plan to include additional book reviews in future Volumes of AEHJ, so please let me know if you are interested in writing one of these reviews.
IAP assures us that publishing both issues in one volume will help us to spread AEHJ to an even wider audience.
As part of our shift to publishing both issues of AEHJ in one volume, IAP-Information Age Publishing has agreed to sponsor an "AEHJ Article of the Year" award, which will recognize high-quality scholarship in AEHJ.