AEHNAlbert Einstein Healthcare Network
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AEHN recognizes hand hygiene is a fundamental and necessary tool to prevent contamination of the health care environment, prevent hospital-acquired infections, and promote occupational safety.
We are pleased to have been able to support AEHN and Siemens with AEHN's re-badging production strategy, while also providing the company with a path to more secure access control and multi-application card flexibility," said Eric Widlitz, managing director, Identity and Access Management, Americas with HID Global.
Organizations like AEHN can use HID solutions to seamlessly manage multiple applications and migration projects that incorporate diverse access-control technologies and require the broadest choice of single and combination cards.
This enabled AEHN to complete its re-badging production run in just four weeks, with minimum involvement from its protective services team.
Although AEHN obligated group debt ratios are favorable, when including the FHA debt, debt ratios are weak compared against Fitch's 'A' category medians;
AEHN should net roughly $15-$20 million a year from this assessment based on its Medicaid population.
AEHN has not booked any revenue related to the assessment program in the interim period.
To strategically offset these pressures, and to ensure the funding of its commitment to medical education and its safety net role, AEHN is seeking to improve its payor mix and realize profitable growth by developing an acute care presence in the more affluent and fast growing suburb of East Norriton Township, approximately 20 miles north of downtown Philadelphia.
Upon closure of MHMC, AEHN will relocate MHMC's patient base to the new facility.
Upon completion of this refunding, AEHN will exit the JHS obligated group.
5% of gross revenues in fiscal 2008, exposing AEHN to the potential for spending cuts at the state and federal levels.
We are pleased to have introduced an electronic medical record into our emergency departments," said Carl Chudnofsky MD FACEP, chairman of the department of emergency medicine at AEHN.