AEHNAlbert Einstein Healthcare Network
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Typically, this type of information is sent to AeHN when a patient visits a doctor or receives treatment in the hospital.
Eligible providers with certified EHR systems may join AeHN to make their digitized records available to be shared real-time across different healthcare settings whenever and wherever the patient's information is needed.
While its principle use is for data transmission, AeHN also offers consulting services to provide clinicians, practices, and hospitals with technical assistance, implementation guidance, and "meaningful use" expertise.
To keep patients' medical information safe, AeHN employs secure, encrypted data exchange using standards developed specifically for healthcare.
The AEHN's network's Internet homepage displayed the letters W.I.W.O.
AEHN recognizes hand hygiene is a fundamental and necessary tool to prevent contamination of the health care environment, prevent hospital-acquired infections, and promote occupational safety.