AEHSAssociation for Environmental Health and Sciences
AEHSAssociation for the Environmental Health of Soils
AEHSAlbert Einstein High School (Kensington, Maryland)
AEHSadaptive educational hypermedia systems
AEHSAssociation of Eastern Historical Societies
AEHSAlief Elsik High School (Houston, Texas)
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Besides a substantial cost savings for the military, AEHS places fewer convoys on treacherous roads.
For the undergraduates on the team, AEHS is their Senior Design Project, a capstone of the Stevens experience that requires students to call upon their broad-based engineering foundation to solve a real problem.
LSs are considered relevant for the adaptation process in the user model, and have been used as a basis for adaptation in AEHS (Brown et al, 2005; Karampiperis, Sampson, 2005; Georgiou and Makry, 2004).
This supports AEHS need for LOs retrival through their metadata to the purpose of constructing a learning interface tailored to the learner's needs.
With Apollo's patent-pending, web-based "Decisioning Intelligence" technology, AEHS has a sustainable competitive advantage and I'm looking forward to introducing this proven technology to leading healthcare providers.
I'm looking forward to working with Apollo's AEHS team," said Gryga.
The presentations were judged by a panel of industry experts including Susan Henry of AEHS, Rula Deeb of Malcolm Pirnie, Yue Rong of CA RWQCB, Steve Koenigsberg of WSP Environmental Strategies, Ioana Petrisor of Haley & Aldrich, Anna Willett of CEUS, Jim Jacobs of Environmental Bio-Systems, Karen Lyons of Shell Oil Products, and Jim Mueller of Adventus Americas.
Paul Kostecki, executive director of the AEHS who offered some thoughts on the value of this public and private sector partnership.
AEHS members represent the many disciplines involved in making decisions and solving problems affecting soils, including chemistry, geology, hydrogeology, law, engineering, modeling, toxicology, regulatory science, public health, and public policy.
AEHS recognizes that widely acceptable solutions to the problem of contaminated soil can be found only through the integration of scientific and technological discovery, social and political judgment, and hands-on practice.
Henry, of the AEHS Science Advisory Board, offered some thoughts on the value of this public and private sector partnership.
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