AEIAAustralian Entertainment Industry Association
AEIAAustralian Egg Industry Association (North Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)
AEIAAustralian Exporters and Importers Association
AEIAAustralian Early Intervention Association
AEIAAgenzia Espressi Internazionali Aerei (Italian: Agency Express International Airline)
AEIAAmplified Enzyme-Linked Immunoassay (endocrinology)
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Fica criada a Area de Especial Interesse Ambiental (AEIA) do Bairro da Freguesia, descrita na forma do Anexo I deste Decreto.
108, [section] 2 da Lei Complementar no 111/2011--Plano Diretor, o licenciamento de demolicao, construcao, acrescimo ou modificacao, reforma, transformacao de uso, parcelamento do solo ou abertura de logradouro na Area de Especial Interesse Ambiental (AEIA) do Bairro da Freguesia.
Greene, president of the association's management company, these new memberships become effective in December so as to coincide with the start of AEIA's next fiscal year.
According to Greene, AEIA was formed in June, 1986.
Jacobsen Entertainment's "Dirty Dancing" was glaringly absent from the festivities as Kevin Jacobsen angrily resigned from organizing body the AEIA two years ago after being sent up by Burke for an overlong acceptance speech at the previous year's Helpmanns.
Her comment about 'the minefield of spelling mistakes on the web' is very true!" He enclosed an analysis of her 40 A-examples, of which he accepted 21, rejected AEIEA (aeia), AESEA (aisea), AIWIA (aiwa), ALYLA (ayala), AOBOA (aoba), ARCRA (arora), ARYRA (araya), AUNUA (aunuu), AUVUA (auva'a), and reserved judgment on 11 (more evidence needed).
AEIA prexy Andrew Kay says producers can put their hands over their hearts and say their figures are deadly accurate.
The state-run Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated total box office in 200203 at A$332 million ($253 million), but the AEIA's figures put gross box office for 2004 at more than double that, $526 million.
Kay, prexy of AEIA, says the survey is being undertaken with the support of producers and ticketing companies.
To be eligible to enter, I productions must be produced by an AEIA member and be an Oz or world premiere or be of national significance.
Aeias problemas imanoma spresti atlikus kompleksinius proceso tyrimus ir optimizavima (Kilikevicius 2009; Kilikevicius et al.