AEICAssociation of Edison Illuminating Companies
AEICAdvance Earned Income Credit
AEICAlaska Earthquake Information Center
AEICAdvanced Earned Income Credit
AEICAmerican Economy Insurance Company (Boston, MA)
AEICAnalytical Environmental Immunochemical Consortium
AEICAssociate Editor-In-Chief
AEICAssociation des Étudiant(e)s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student's Association)
AEICAmir Erfany International Company (Iran)
AEICArab-Eastern Insurance Company (Saudi Arabia)
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1985, two males (AMNH, TARI); Nantou, Meifeng, 2150 m, 29.V 1983, two males (AEIC, TARI); Nantou, Mt.
This work is funded in part by the Alaska Earthquake Information Center(AEIC), University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute and by NOAA grant NA08OAR4320751.
The EITC is available to eligible taxpayers as a monthly payment over the course of the taxable year, as an addition to that taxpayer's paycheck, the so-called Advanced Earned Income Credit ("AEIC").
As a part of her teacher education program, Claire enrolled in the Aesthetic Education Institute of Colorado (AEIC), which has as its goals to awaken teachers' artistic sensibilities and provide educators with an understanding of education from aesthetic viewpoints.
In addition to segmented ink duct blades and systems, AP offers also a versatile new electronic ink control (AEIC).
The Washington Wizards and the Arts & Education in Concert (AEIC) invite young people in 7th to 12th grades to enter an original poem for National Poetry Month in April.