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AEIOUAny Easy Intimacy (book)
AEIOUAlles Erdreich Ist Österreich Untertan (Austria Is to Govern the World)
AEIOUAustriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo (of Austria is to Govern all the World)
AEIOUAutism Early Intervention Outcomes Unit
AEIOUAustria Erit in Orbe Ultima (Austria Will Exist for Ever)
AEIOUAnnotierbares Elektronisches Interaktives Oesterreichisches Universal-Informationssystem (German: Annotatable Electronic Interctiv Universal Information System; Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture )
AEIOUAlliance Ecological Interplanetary Observation Union
AEIOUAddress Extension by IP Option Usage
AEIOUAchieving Excellence in Our University
AEIOUApplied Epi Info for Occupational Use
AEIOUAlternative Exhibition Information of the Universe
AEIOUAbsolute/Axiomatic, Emotional/Ego/Experienced, Improvable truths, Observed, Unique truth (logic framework)
AEIOUAn Elephant in Orange Underwear (vowel mnemonic)
AEIOUAssociação de Enxadristas Intergalácticos Onicolores e Unívocos (Portugese)
AEIOUAnnotable Elektronic Interactive Oesterreich Universal Information System
AEIOUAchieving Excellence In Our Uniqueness (retirees)
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AEIOU Scientific (AEIOU) is startup company commercializing Ohio University's Cortical Bone Mechanics Technology[TM] (CBMT) to predict the strength of bone in living humans.
These two questions relate closely to two of the AEIOU objectives of science communication articulated by Burns et al (23)--Interest and Understanding.
Heath and colleagues defined the most prominent clinical features of MCC in the acronym: AEIOU (asymptomatic/lack of tenderness, expanding rapidly, immune suppression, older than 50 years, and ultraviolet-exposed site on a person with fair skin), where 89% of primary MCCs had >3 of these findings [218].
Lemos et al., "Clinical characteristics of Merkel cell carcinoma at diagnosis in 195 patients: the AEIOU features" Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, vol.
The AEIOU Evaluation approach by Fortune and Keith (1992, as cited in Simonson et al., 2012), provided program evaluation specifically for distance education implementation projects.
'Communication Shutdown' was started by an organization called the AEIOU Foundation (, a not-for-profit organisation that provides early intervention therapy for children with autism in Australia.
Rather than using the single fingers for the vowels AEIOU and then using different hand shapes for subsequent letters, earlier manual alphabets used different parts of the fingers alone.
He and his associates devised the acronym AEIOU to describe the clinical features of Merkel cell carcinoma based on an analysis of 195 patients given the diagnosis between 1980 and 2007 (J.