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AEIOUAny Easy Intimacy (book)
AEIOUAlles Erdreich Ist Österreich Untertan (Austria Is to Govern the World)
AEIOUAustriae Est Imperare Orbi Universo (of Austria is to Govern all the World)
AEIOUAutism Early Intervention Outcomes Unit
AEIOUAustria Erit in Orbe Ultima (Austria Will Exist for Ever)
AEIOUAnnotierbares Elektronisches Interaktives Oesterreichisches Universal-Informationssystem (German: Annotatable Electronic Interctiv Universal Information System; Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture )
AEIOUAlliance Ecological Interplanetary Observation Union
AEIOUAddress Extension by IP Option Usage
AEIOUAchieving Excellence in Our University
AEIOUApplied Epi Info for Occupational Use
AEIOUAlternative Exhibition Information of the Universe
AEIOUAbsolute/Axiomatic, Emotional/Ego/Experienced, Improvable truths, Observed, Unique truth (logic framework)
AEIOUAn Elephant in Orange Underwear (vowel mnemonic)
AEIOUAssociação de Enxadristas Intergalácticos Onicolores e Unívocos (Portugese)
AEIOUAnnotable Elektronic Interactive Oesterreich Universal Information System
AEIOUAchieving Excellence In Our Uniqueness (retirees)
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Member for Bundaberg Jack Dempsey said the new AEIOU Foundation centre at the CQUniversity Campus in Bundaberg would provide 12 full-time placements for children with autism aged up to six years.
Taken together, 89% of all Merkel cell carcinomas had three or more of these clinical AEIOU features," Dr.
On the analogy of the well-known type-collection of AEIOU words, here is a collection of ABCD words from Chambers and OED unabridged dictionaries.
Up to 89% of patients with MCC in 1 study (2) met 3 or more of the AEIOU criteria.
Despite all the varied and various genres of AEIOU which have appeared in Word Ways over the years, there is one which, until now, has remained undiscovered.
This chapter was home to my AEIOU collection, 120 different words containing these five vowels (and no more) in all possible orders, as well as a more open-ended collection of words in which QU was not followed by a vowel,, or Q was not followed by a U.
While browsing through some back issues of Word Ways, I noticed in the November 2000 Kickshaws that Dave Morice and Eric Chaikin presented a number of "double pair supervocalics", words and terms which use exactly two each of the vowels AEIOU.
Again aided by Dmitri, I prepared an article listing uncapitalized words containing various arrangements of the vowels AEIOU, such as EUphOrIA, fAcEtiOUs, bEhAvlOUr.
EDWARD WOLPOW comments "Susan Thorpe (WW, 44:286) in the November 2011 issue hunted for unhyphenated words using only the 5 AEIOU vowel sounds.
Two hyphenated designations brought me Very close to the Holy Grail of a phonetic AEIOU word.
He also wrote to JEFF GRANT that he "emailed the UK-Scrabble list with his Scrabble puzzle which appeared in November's Word Ways--highest score for first two moves without using AEIOU.
Jeff reports about the following contest: "Without using any of the five vowels AEIOU (or blanks to represent them), how much can you score for the first two moves?