AEISAcademic Excellence Indicator System
AEISAdvanced Energy Industries, Inc. (stock symbol)
AEISAdvanced Employment Issues Symposium
AEISAeronautical En-route Information Service
AEISAmerican Express Incentive Service (Fenton, MO)
AEISAsociación Española de Ingeniería Sísmica (Spanish Association of Earthquake Engineering)
AEISAircraft-Store Electrical Interconnection System (US DoD)
AEISAmelia Earhart Intermediate School
AEISAirport Engineering Information System
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Advanced Energy (Nasdaq: AEIS) is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of highly engineered, precision power conversion, measurement and control solutions for mission-critical applications and processes.
A pesquisa realizada por Diniz (2015) apontou que a maioria dos empreendimentos do PMCMV, na regiao, esta localizada em areas adequadas e, dentre eles, aquele classificado como de melhor insercao urbana e o Conjunto Vitoria--Faixa 1/FDS--228 uh localizado na area central do municipio de Diadema, gravada como AEIS.
AEIs are intended for young people who have become disengaged with mainstream education due to exclusion from school/college, difficult behaviour or other reasons such as ill health, family issues or being a victim of bullying.
Additional campus climate variables, such as geography and state accountability status, were merged from the state's public accountability system known as the Academic Excellence Indicators System (AEIS).
In 2001, assessment of the Texas statewide Academic Excellence Indicator Survey (AEIS) indicated that less than 45% of the student population, across all ethnic groups, mastered the objectives in mathematics.
FINRA said it found that Ameriprise and AEIS failed to establish, maintain and enforce supervisory systems designed to review and monitor the transmittal of funds from customer accounts to third-party accounts.
and its affiliated clearing firm, American Enterprise Investment Services Inc., (AEIS) $750,000 for failing to properly supervise and monitor wire transfer requests and the transmission of customer funds to third-party accounts.
As areas definidas como AEIS 1 sao aquelas ocupadas por populacoes de baixa renda, abrangendo ocupacoes espontaneas, loteamentos irregulares ou clandestinos, carentes de infra-estrutura urbana e social, na qual se pretende a implementacao de programas habitacionais, podendo contemplar: I--reurbanizacao; II--remocao com reassentamento; III--regularizacao urbanistica, fisica e fundiaria; IV--recuperacao de imoveis degradados; V--provisao de infra-estrutura, equipamentos sociais e culturais; VI--espacos publicos qualificados, servicos e comercio de carater local.