AEITAsociación Española de Ingenieros de Telecomunicación (Spanish)
AEITFederazione Italiana di Elettrotecnica, Elettronica, Automazione, Informatica e Telecomunicazioni (Italian: Italian, Italian Federation of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Automation, Computer Science and Telecommunications)
AEITArmy Enterprise Infostructure Transformation
AEITAcrobat Enterprise Installation Tool (Adobe)
AEITAgency for Enterprise Information Technology (Florida, USA)
AEITAccessible Electronic Information Technology Act (Florida)
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The bill also provides further duties relating to the process by which the AEIT and agencies must move forward with data center consolidation and information technology security planning, and establishes a state e-mail system.
The AEIT was created for the purpose of developing recommendations, policies, and strategies to implement enterprise information technology services.
AEIT II's MPR is well above the industry average due to the high concentration of prime borrowers and the nature of charge cards.
aeIt was crossing the line that I asked my guys 'Where did we finish?' I saw Mark Webber's pit board and close to the end it showed him eighth and seventh and I knew I was one place ahead,E said Schumacher.
She says she doesn't have it any more, but that aeit must be somewhere.' But until she figures out where that somewhere is, our daughter can't travel to the UK.
With an expression of concern he said, aeIt looks like Spain is in trouble'.
aeIt was imposed on us.AEAa HeAEs got a point there.Aa
He said: oHaving watched this show, I feel Jerry Springer u the Opera steps beyond the usual boundaries, is insulting and likely to cause offence.o aeIt was far too silly to be offensiveAE THE EchoAEs David James watched Jerry Springer u The OperaAEs first night in Cardiff, spoke to audience members afterwards and gives his verdict JERRY Springer u The Opera is not offensive.
Speaking at the end of the tournament, AMH CEO Dr George Cheriyan said: aeIt gave me great pleasure to give out the awards and to have the opportunity to thank His Majesty, King Hamad for his generosity in allowing the golf tournament to take place on his private golf course.
Espuma is the new aeit' food in the culinary world.
After doing the scene, Mani was like: aeIt's fantastic.