AEJMCAssociation for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
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In his research effort presented at AEJMC, "Interrogating Desire: Pornography, Sexuality and Epistemic Responsibility," Jensen demands that more energy be placed in exploring "the roots of our desires in the community.
The AEJMC professors' study asked the questions: What are the characteristics of legislators who sponsor anti-Hazelwood legislation?
It is new and not well understood, in part because there is no consensual definition of it," the University of Missouri's Renita Coleman told the Civic Journalism Interest Group at the 1996 AEJMC convention.
Despite the canards and attacks on public journalism in the July/August issue of Columbia Journalism Review and the discouraging results of the New Jersey election coverage study, the public journalism supporters at the AEJMC meeting were, for the most part, unflinching and undaunted.
Panels on public journalism have proliferated at AEJMC conventions, and papers accepted for presentation have almost always been supportive of the movement.
The Dorothy Bowles Public Service Award recognizes an AEJMC member for a sustained public service record that helps connect academics and professionals in mass communication.
She is co-director of the AEJMC Media Ethics Division's annual Teaching Media Ethics workshop, and is former chair of the AEJMC Media Ethics Division and the SPJ National Journalism Education Committee.
The teachers' association has become the 3,000-member Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, AEJMC.
In addition to presenting the "Entertainment Media Use in the Middle East" survey, Klaus Schoenbach (Associate Dean for Research), Susan Dunn (Senior Lecturer), Liz Lance (Research Administrator at NU-Q), Janet Key (Assistant Professor) and Amy Sanders (Associate Professor) also presented at AEJMC on Intermedia Agenda-setting in a Multimedia Environment, Digital Advantage, Qatar on the World Stage, The Challenges of Scholastic Journalism in International Settings and Academic Freedom and Social Media, respectively.
South Asian Student Attitudes Toward and Beliefs About Advertising: Measuring Across Cultures, Paper presented to International Communication Division, AEJMC National Convention in Baltimore, M D.
The legitimization and sophistication of the field easily find multiple manifestations as seen in the level of representation and participation in international conventions such as the ICA, NCA and AEJMC, the publication of scholarship in established journals (among them two premier journals, Health Communication, and the Journal of Health Communication, exclusively dedicated to the field), output of textbooks in both their breath and depth of coverage, and curricular growth and consolidation in an expanding number of academic departments and institutions (Kreps et al.
AEJMC, which comprises university and college journalism and mass communication educators, is conducting its annual meeting this August in Washington, D.