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The main result of [Halldorsson and Radhakrishnan 1994b] is given by the following theorem evaluating the approximation performance of Algorithm 27, which, in fact, is an instantiation of Algorithm 9.3.3, parametrized by c log log [Delta] (c being the constant of Theorem 15) and calling any maximal IS-algorithm as instantiation of ISALGO, as well as algorithm AEKS as instantiation of algorithms ISALGOk.
Moreover, consider that algorithm ISALGO is instantiated by algorithm AEKS of Halldorsson and Radhakrishnan [1994b].
For every fixed integer constant [Kappa] and for [Mathematical Expression Omitted], Algorithm 28 is parametrized by l and AEKS is an approximation algorithm with time-complexity [Mathematical Expression Omitted] for IS, guaranteeing an approximation ratio asymptotically ([Delta] [approaches] [infinity]) equal to [Kappa]/[Delta]