AELBAtomic Energy Licensing Board (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation; Malaysia)
AELBAgence de l'Eau Loire-Bretagne (French water agency)
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AELB Department as National Competence Authority (NCA-D) and National
To boost emergency response and preparedness, AELB established a Nuclear Emergency Team, and first responders are located at the northern, southern, eastern, and Sabah-Sarawak parts of Malaysia (Teng 2014).
"Receiving this license from the AELB is a significant milestone for Lynas," Lynas Executive Chairman Nicholas Curtis said.
By August 15, 2019 when AELB granted Lynas the conditional six-month extension, the radioactive WLP accumulated had increased to over 580,000 metric tonnes of radioactive WLP.
"The IPPAS mission was very useful and we hope that IAEA guidance regarding nuclear security, especially in the area of physical protection, will benefit Malaysia, said Fedrick Charlie, National IPPAS Coordinator of AELB.
However, she noted that the AELB decision could be the last resort as the present government has limited options due to its contract with Lynas.
Noting that Lynas had been instructed by the AELB in 2012 to submit a detailed plan and location for the permanent disposal facility within 10 months of the issuance of its Temporary Operating Licence, he said the same instance has occurred once again, with the only difference being six rather than 10 months.
In a separate statement, Parti Sosialis Malaysia condemned the AELB's decision.
This support includes three types of activities: education (taking into account the needs of the functionality of the tool), implementation (settings, extensions to the product integration, making reports) and training of teams AELB. The acquisition and maintenance of the tool have already been contracted out with the editor.
'Lynas Malaysia's PDF Planning Framework and Site Selection Plan have previously been approved by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).
Contract award: on-site telephony equipment toip the aelb.
Yesterday, Lynas Malaysia Sdn Bhd 's operating licence was renewed for six months subject to several conditions from the Atomic Energy Licensing Board (AELB).