AELEAssociation Européenne de Libre-Échange (European Free Trade Association)
AELEAmericans for Effective Law Enforcement, Inc
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for the purpose of establishing an 'organized voice' for the law-abiding citizens regarding this country's crime problem, and to lend support to professional law enforcement." About AELE, Ams.
The AELE also produces "Law Enforcement Liability Reporter," "Fire and Police Personnel Reporter" and "Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin," all published monthly, as well as seminars, certified legal specialist programs, and training CDs.
Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE; Park Ridge, IL), a nonprofit educational organization, has launched Monthly Law Summaries, a new case law digest subscription service that carries summaries from three AELE monthly publications, including Law Enforcement Liability Reporter, Jail and Prisoner Law Bulletin and Fire and Police Personnel Reporter.
AELE is proud of the effort it made in the Terry case to persuade the Supreme Court to uphold the right of the police to "stop and frisk." In our brief we pledged the Court that law enforcement agencies would not abuse the power we requested the Court to sanction.
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