AELIAmerican English Language Institute
AELIAssociazione Editoriale Libraria Italiana (Italian: Italian Association of Book Editors)
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AELI, therefore, said that Indonesia needs to improve the quality of its pepper to improve its market acceptance.
After comparing allusions to Aelis working as a prostitute (the author explains that the businesswoman identity is bound up with references to prostitution) with the medieval Arabic tradition of slave girls, and also linking Aelis and her business with the trade in luxury goods from the Islamic world, the author embarks on the second part of her argument, which is that the staging of the heterosexual scene before the eyes of the women, with the allusion to homoerotic desire, echoes the European imagination of the harem.
I'm excited about joining the Aelis team," Yarkoni commented.
Jon Medved, General Partner at Israel Seed Partners, the venture backers of Aelis, stated: "Eran Yarkoni brings critical leadership experience to the Aelis team and will help us translate our technical leadership in optical signal processing into market leadership as we approach commercialization of our technology.
Aelis Photonics' Dynamic Optical Signal Processing technology is designed to adaptively equalize transient impairments causing time-variant pulse distortions in 40Gb/s optical networks.
Number of Products under Development for Substance (Drug) Abuse, H1 2015 8 Number of Products under Development for Substance (Drug) Abuse - Comparative Analysis, H1 2015 9 Number of Products under Development by Companies, H1 2015 10 Number of Products under Investigation by Universities/Institutes, H1 2015 11 Comparative Analysis by Clinical Stage Development, H1 2015 12 Comparative Analysis by Early Stage Development, H1 2015 13 Products under Development by Companies, H1 2015 14 Products under Investigation by Universities/Institutes, H1 2015 15 Substance (Drug) Abuse - Pipeline by Addex Therapeutics Ltd, H1 2015 16 Substance (Drug) Abuse - Pipeline by Aelis Farma S.
Aelis will incorporate the technology into a single device that handles multiple impairment sources and multiple optical channels and will enable long-haul transmission by compensating up to 300 picoseconds total delay spread (at 10 Gbps) resulting from PMD, chromatic dispersion and SPM.
Aelis has successfully tested its new ReachExtender technology in the laboratories of several leading OEMs and carriers and plans to introduce its first adaptive optical equalizer product in 2004.
Aelis Photonics was founded in 2001 by Menachem Tipris and Varda Herskowits, Ph.
More information is available from Aelis Photonics, 8 Hamelacha Street, P.
NETANYA, Israel -- NETANYA, Israel, March 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Aelis Photonics, Inc.
As we move toward introducing our technology and products to the market, Alan will play an important role in forming our strategy," said Menachem Tipris, Aelis Photonics' chief executive officer.