AELIAAssociation d'Etudes Linguistiques Interculturelles Africaines (French)
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Biology and control of Aelia rostrata in Central Anatolia.
It manages on-board sales and receipts and benefits from the experience of both Aelia and Servair.
Jerusalem district archaeologist Yuval Baruch said new evidence about Aelia Capitolina was 'extremely valuable' because it determined the outline of its walls and the location of the gates to this very day.
25) Jerusalem and Palestine bore no Christian markers of Christ's life or the lives of his saints: (26) Hadrian had entirely rebuilt the Jerusalem of the early first century as Aelia Capitolina.
River Ripples 6g Over The River - Aelia Paetina 2 Half-brother to Brewster.
The Augustan Legislation, lex Lulia Maritandis, lex Aelia Sentia, and lex Papia Poppaea, formed legal restraints and implicit threats that seemed to have created an atmosphere in which legal marriage and freed status became a catalyst for the commissioning of enduring monuments to family status.
For the rabbinical center at that time was in Galilee, and, following the Bar Kochba rebellion, Jews were not allowed to live in Jerusalem (which was turned into a Roman city called Aelia Capitolina).
There is no evidence of significant Christian interest in the earthly city of Jerusalem before the early decades of the fourth century, when the official recognition and promotion of the Christian faith by Constantine (Roman emperor, 306-337) directed new attention to the small provincial Roman city then called Aelia Capitolina.
It is a pity that Aelia Eudocia (also known as Augusta) gets only a brief mention (140-41) and that none of her work is translated.
Aelia intends to use the solution at its 168 sales outlets in major travel networks, including 28 airports in France, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Poland.
Under a 15-year agreement, Societe de Distribution Aeroportuaire, the collaboration between LS Travel Retail subsidiary Aelia and Aeroports de Paris has started operating the travel-retail business at Zagreb airport.
Seasonal life cycle of Aelia fieberi (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) in relation to the phenology of its host plants.