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No entanto, observou-se que em alguns casos a mortalidade iniciou a partir do primeiro dia de inoculacao dos fungos, embora muitos estudos tenham revelado mortalidade somente a partir do quinto ou sexto dia para outros insetos-praga como Aelia rostrata Boh.
(Nematoda: Mermithidae) parasitizing Aelia rostrata Boheman (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) and E.
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Companies Mentioned in this Report: Gebr Heinemann, World Duty Free Group, Aelia Group (LS Travel Retail), The Nuance Group, Dufry, ARI Ireland
She said historians remained divided over whether the revolt was a result of harsh measures taken against Jews by Hadrian, who rebuilt the city with pagan temples and named it Aelia Capitolina, or if the decrees were punishment for the rebellion.
You will find the complete text I propose in the ancient archives of my ancient home colony, Aelia Capitolina in Palestine, as well as those of Nysa in Caria, and you will find up to Book 13 in Rome, near the Alexandrian baths in the Pantheon's beautiful library, which I have personally established for the Emperor.
The products will be sold through their new distribution partner, AELIA ArchiTech, an organisation that fosters cooperation between architects, building planners and designers.
There were 11 items in this covenant, and the Caliph Omar found in it a good example; he made a similar pledge to the Christians of Jerusalem, saying, "The people of Aelia (Jerusalem) shall be granted safety by Omar, the Commander of the Faithful." He gave them safety for themselves, their wealth, their churches, and their crosses.