AEMASAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations Energy Manager Accreditation Scheme
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IgA class AEmAs were assayed by immunofluorescence on monkey esophagus sections (Virimmun) (22).
All seven were negative for AEmAs and AtTGAs, but three of them had increased AGAs.
For comparison, also shown in Table 4 are data on AEmAs, AtTGAs, and AGAs in CD patients and controls.
Antibodies against gliadin are usually considered as much less specific and much less sensitive for CD than autoantibodies (AEmAs and AtTGAs) (29).
Aemas de la conducta licenciosa con que se comporta, ampliamente conocida en la entidad, el senor Rabies Cruz ha dispuesto una pertinaz maquinaria de hostigamiento y bloqueo a mi labor como escritor y periodista.
In aema, We have been able to downscale a disruptive small scale anaerobic digestor for wastewater treatment, Addressed to f&d industry: Multi-ad.multi-ad is a high performance multiphase anaerobic digester tailor-made for treating wastewater generated in food and drink smes.