AEMIAssociation of European Migration Institutions (consortium)
AEMIAustralian Emergency Management Institute (registered training)
AEMIAuction & Electronic Market Integration (American Stock Exchange)
AEMIAlternating Electrocardiographic Morphology Index
AEMIAcute Evolving Myocardial Infarction
AEMIAnnual Exchange of Military Information
AEMIArts, Entertainment, and Media Industries
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Attis's earlier injunction to "be cymbal" (line 21), sounded out of Catullus's letters by the metaphysical definer of love that was Zukofsky, can't not be pointing to Marvell's "Music's Empire." That poem opens "First was the world as one great cymbal made" and goes on to sing--making the sounds and letters make meanings and relations--how "music, the mosaic of the air" has "gained the empire of the ear, including all between the earth and sphere." (62) Zukofsky likes "air," he tells us, because it "defines constancy," because it's allied through Greek to breathe (aemi) and "in sound" to love (ho eros), because Latin aer retains "Empedocles' corporeal sense" (Bottom, 139) and because in Shakespeare's English and the French of his time it means both look and tune.